We provide world-class services to our clients basis their business needs with special focus on quality of service, customer satisfaction and client-vendor relationship.

IT Consulting

Creating an effective IT consulting services

People often used to be confused regarding consultants. And if that used to be linked with IT, it often leads to be the most confusing. Before opting the service of IT consultant, they often find themselves misguided and cheated. We as a firm, first try to make them understand what really IT consultant meant for and how they directly or indirectly lead to the growth of their business. As it is well said that "Prevention is better than cure", we as an organization help them understanding their business obstacle so that any unwanted hindrance doesn't pop out. Following are some of the lists of consulting services to look out for basically:

  1. Business or operational plans : For smooth functioning of any business first and foremost, business plan is utmost essential. This includes feasibility study. It basically means to know whether the following business is technically or economically fit for the market or not.
  2. Strategic Plans: It is also one of the key components for smooth functioning of any particular business. It includes different innovative ideas so that any business needs for proper functioning.
  3. Competitive plans: To be competitive enough in the growing market, different plans must be initiated so that it easily overcomes different hindrance indulged in the market.

Even if they face the business problems like outdated infrastructure, security issues, productivity issue, software/hardware issues etc, we understand the needs and importance of it and having a group of skilled team members, we work efficiently according to the needs of the client at very affordable rates. It is quite important that our projects are quite well equipped to handle data networks that are global and ultra modern streaming requires and makes the client fully satisfied. We are having an experienced and energetic team that tends to provide the following services according to the modern business needs:

  • IT Support
  • Full backup solution
  • Easy to access

Networking Solutions

Know how networking helps In business

In today's technology's era, there are numbers of tech savvy and non-tech savvy employees or people are using network security programs. As we all know that the term 'networking' is an essential component for one or more portable devices. The term 'network' is considered as a large collection of computer machines, mainframes or other network devices.

These days, with the help of network devices, many users are easily transfers or share their personal files, folders from one to another computer system. In other words, if we are looking for an effective example of a network then Internet means global system network. The term 'Internet' is recognized as a type of globally computer network which enables millions of users or people to easily connect with computer machine across the globe.

What are the Advantages of Networking Solutions?

There are numerous advantages of network services which enable users to share their vital files or data with ease. Here, look's out the detailed advantages of networking security which are mentioned below:

  1. These days, a lot of people are opting mobile communication which enables plenty of voice or Multimedia files via computer system or a portable device all over the world. A lot of mobile devices usually come with various kinds of security features.
  2. Another benefit of networking solution is the improvement of network employment that allows lots of customized networks simply based on the standard organizations. This related platform numerous networking areas such as wireless connectivity options, individual security options, VPNs wireless networks and so others. In addition, the term 'file sharing' is primarily used to move, transfer files or data from one to another user via remote connection. This sharing service may allow you to connect one or more computing devices.
  3. Now, 'resource sharing' is another advantage of online networking security that enables to communicate with some of essential peripheral devices such as scanners, printers or other kinds of sharing applications. In other words, distributing and sharing online hosting platforms are secondary advantages of network security which has good opportunities of providing legitimate hosting services.
  4. The primary concern of network security is to increase the rate of productivity and enhance the performance that allows joining audio and then optimizing them in the effective manner which enhances the performance of networks.
  5. Additionally, this network service allows to increases the storage capacity, means every user can easily stores vital multimedia files including music, pictures, and videos or other databases using a remote connection.

There are the numerous types of services provided by network solutions, just look out the points:

  • Complete protection of LAN OR WAN network.
  • Initializing of Wireless connectivity.
  • Allows different tools to optimize wide area networks.
  • Helps to turn on the firewall security.
  • These networking platforms allow increasing the capability of internal or external storage services.

Business Process Outsourcing

Providing Integrated BPO Platforms To Helps Clients

Business Process Outsourcing is just another part of outsourcing that produces third party business operations to third party vendors. The term outsourcing has primary goal is to handle entire control of the public services to private enterprises or other third party vendors. The term 'BPO' is acronym of Business Process Outsourcing which is a kind of best business service developed with motive of providing such a third party work processes to other external business operations. This related service may generate world-class operations such as accounting, telemarketing, file or data recording, social media marketing, customer care support and many others.

These days, most of the startups and private companies are generally depends on business process outsourcing services and also provides specific functions of an organization to another third party vendors. There are many advantages of this service in Internet Technology firms whose primary concerns are providing two different decades to an enormous industries as well as enables world-class services from one to other remote locations at affordable costs. There are two different services categorized into two numerous services such as inbound services as well as outbound services. According latest reports, inbound services generate customer supports as well as technical support services. In simple words, there are the different services used in numerous business outsourcing platforms such as finance or accounting, legal process, outsourcing, product development, healthcare services and many others.

Here are the lists of common points explaining about why some companies chooses business outsourcing process, the points are mentioned below :

  • In today's digitalization scenario, most of the companies choose business outsourcing service because of their main intention is to control the entire financial integrity. A lot of startups or private companies' uses affiliated with foreign countries like U.K., Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Indonesia and so others.
  • This service has ability to concentrate on core-business means a plenty of businesses are tied up with service providers. The primary activity of outsourcing platform is to generate world-class management of the startup that focuses on the areas of core businesses.
  • Most of the employees working with business outsourcing are directly connected with external customers. After contracting, they are easily receive a great feedback regarding buying of products or services.
  • Some of the BPO industries are considered as one of the powerful job providers situated in entire countries. Additionally, the service is almost ranked in second page while searching demanded startups.
  • As we are deciding full registered version of software or any type of products related to technologies then it's very difficult task for low-budget industries. Thus, business outsourcing industry provides easiest ways for purchasing latest technologies and software products. This service allows fulfilling amazing results in noncore business areas.

Retail Management

More Information In Managing Retail Services

For the overall growth of any business firm "Retail Management" is one of the most vital component. But for this, first we need to understand what really the scopes of it?

Retail Management has become one of the fastest growing career in the industry and the tremendous growth in the economy. And as far as India is concerned, it is the most attractive and emerging market in the world and requires more numbers of trained professionals in this field. One of the biggest positive of Retail Management is that it saves time and ensures the customers easily locate their desired merchandise and return home satisfied. As a retailer, following functions need to be done:

  • The retailers perform the functions of warehousing and storing.
  • He stores the goods in bulk and makes them available as per the requirement of the consumer. It ensures interrupted availability of the goods to the consumers.

We as a team of experienced and skilled members ensure proper management of any business firm with different retail services so that proper growth of a firm happens at a very affordable and manageable cost. Our retail services include:

  • Public announcement system
  • Biometric Attendance
  • In Store technology support
  • Camera Setup and Installations etc

AV System

Provides Best Audio Visual Equipments for Business

The experts at SSAP Enterprises Private Limited have developed such powerful and sophisticated audio-visual technologies that are very helpful for any user or anyone. We all are very passionate, hard-working in generating the powerful result in effective value for customers. Generally, we provide deliberate options to link the different needs to deliver the greatest communication environment. Additionally, as we all know that the term AV is known as a combination of audio as well as video component including slide tape presentations, television program or other live theater events. In simple words, an AV system is a large collection of multiple communication devices can include hardware as well as software that enable the several operators to over control every piece of individually.

It is such as a real or trusted multitasking application or tool which allows complete functions to streamline the numerous commands the individual technologies. In many ways, this service usually performs as robust or sophisticated devices or peripherals provide collaborates between the numerous hardware mechanisms and also facilitates innovative efforts against many employees and common managements.

Additionally, the main concern of AV system is to perform a single conference room and other entire office. In newest reports, the word AV System is abbreviation for audiovisual technologies. AV systems may be categorized in numerous components such as video cameras, interactive whiteboards, computer machines, conference telephonic devices, digital signage, wireless connections and other effective whiteboards. Generally, AV system makes interactive impacts to connect the startups and companies which mainly specialize in designs as well as integrate to develop the layout and the program the equipment.Generally, our team offers the lists of professional accessories for clients, some of the accessories are listed below :

  • Interactive LCD & LED Touch Screens
  • Interactive Projectors
  • Audio Devices
  • Audio-visual Installation
  • IP camera and DVR setup.
  • Large LED Screens
  • Interactive CCTV & MATV Devices
  • Map and documentation.
  • Touch Screen Table

Office Stationery

Often it is seen that people generally don't consider "Office Stationery" as a vital cog in any business set up. But to cover all bases well covered for a business firm to be more enhanced and developed, it is also of utmost importance. We as an organization well understand the importance of it and hence offer exciting and wide range of different products at a very economical cost. It includes:

  • Art & Crafts
  • Retail stores supplies
  • IT accessories
  • Adhesives & Tapes etc

For proper and smooth functioning of a business, business stationery is of utmost essential. It includes:

  • Booklets
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Presentation Folders
  • Invoice Books